Mr. Cellophane

Last weekend, on Saturday, March 30, I went from bearded to clean shaven.   Not a lot of people noticed it.   No one at church on Sunday, commented about it.   I got one comment from a co-worker on Monday at work.   And, I was at a meeting Thursday evening where one man noticed it; and, another asked me:  “Did you get new glasses?”   (I give him credit for noticing something was different!).

I sometimes joke with my wife Sharon, that I remind myself of the character, Armos Hart, in “Chicago”, the Broadway musical and movie, who sings “Mr. Cellophane”.   I tell Sharon that no one sees me.   I don’t truly believe that, but sometimes………

What changes do you make in your appearance that no one seems to notice?

Author: mikesreflections

Transplanted baseball nut (Houston Astros fan)- raised in Michigan; now I live in Texas. Husband and caregiver for wife Sharon, with early-onset Alzheimer's (diagnosed in 2015, at the age of 61).

4 thoughts on “Mr. Cellophane”

  1. I don’t have to change anything since I have the knack of being invisible in a crowd. I first discovered this when I was at a work function at Sea World years ago and passed right by co-workers who later claimed they didn’t see me. I’ve done it many times. Amazing what people notice and don’t notice. But you look great either way!

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