Drip by Drip

Most weekdays I leave our home to drive to work. And, usually Sharon makes our bed, after I have left. And, I appreciate her generosity in doing this.

During the past week, I found the bed like the first photo, on a couple of occasions. Sharon had almost everything perfect. But, she missed pouring the two large pillows, with pillow shams, on the bed (second photo where I added them when I got home from work).

I am not posting this tidbit to complain about Sharon’s bed-making skills; but, rather, I write about it to show, how drip by drip, the effects of Alzheimer’s are changing Sharon’s thinking and behavior.

This is part of our new normal.

Also, this past week, she did not eat well while I was at work. She eats best when I prepare meals for her, and/or we work on them together.

Further, for the last several weeks, I usually help Sharon figure out what outfit to wear each day.

Drip by drip….


Baseball Celebrations

In all professional sports, except Major League Baseball, the winning and losing teams shake hands; congratulate each other; etc., after a playoff series (often during regular season games too) is decided.

Not Major League Baseball. The winning team will congratulate each other on the field, but the losing team stays in their dugout and/or heads to the clubhouse.

Let’s change that in 2019. What do you think?

How can we get Major League Baseball to start a new tradition in 2019?!



I had the privilege to attend Sunday evening a reunion of the Celebrate Band and Service, from Coker United Methodist Church, at Brad and Linda Hickman’s home.   This 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning Service ended at Coker a couple of years ago.   Thus, it  was great to attend a revival of the service with fine music, inspirational words, and receive Holy Communion this evening.

I have inserted a video of part of one of the song’s at the service tonight.  Enjoy (if I can get it to upload okay)!

Mr. Cellophane

Last weekend, on Saturday, March 30, I went from bearded to clean shaven.   Not a lot of people noticed it.   No one at church on Sunday, commented about it.   I got one comment from a co-worker on Monday at work.   And, I was at a meeting Thursday evening where one man noticed it; and, another asked me:  “Did you get new glasses?”   (I give him credit for noticing something was different!).

I sometimes joke with my wife Sharon, that I remind myself of the character, Armos Hart, in “Chicago”, the Broadway musical and movie, who sings “Mr. Cellophane”.   I tell Sharon that no one sees me.   I don’t truly believe that, but sometimes………

What changes do you make in your appearance that no one seems to notice?

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

I like that San Antonio is hosting the Valero Texas Open this weekend.  We have some big name golfers here, such as Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. Nevertheless, what I really look forward to this time of year, is the Masters Tournament, from Augusta, Georgia,  coming up the second weekend of April.

For months we have been hearing the ads on CBS with Jim Nantz intoning: “The Masters: a tradition unlike any other.”   As I kid I remember the battles that Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus had at the Masters.   And, I loved watching and cheering for Tiger Woods to win the Masters and other major golf championships. I believed that Tiger Woods was a cinch to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of winning 18 majors.  But, alas, Tiger has been stuck at 14 majors.  I  still hope that Tiger can win another major before his golf career ends.

Also, this weekend, I will be cheering on my college team Michigan State in the Final Four of men’s basketball.  I have hope that the Spartans will win it all, for their first National Championship since 2000 (and the first for the Big Ten since that year).   I like teams from Texas to do well in the Final Four, but I will be cheering on Michigan State against Texas Tech in the semifinals on Saturday evening, April 6.

grass green golf golf ball
Photo by tyler hendy on Pexels.com


More Baseball


The Detroit Tigers won the American League Pennant in 1968.   They faced the powerful St. Louis Cardinals, led by ace Bob Gibson in the World Series.  Gibson had an incredibly low Earned Run Average (ERA) for the regular season of 1.12

The Tiger’s regular season ace was Denny McLain, who went 31-6 in the regular season.  My Dad and I were at Tiger Stadium when McLain won his 30th game!  But, in the World Series, McLain went 1-2.

The Tigers fell behind in the Series 3 games to 1 game.   But, they rallied behind lefty Mickey Lolich, who won Games 2, 5, and 7, besting Gibson in Game 7.

And, there was great joy in Detroit and in the Tinnon’s home in Rochester, Michigan!




This was the year I first became interested in following the Detroit Tigers and Major League Baseball.  I loved many heroes on that team:  Al Kaline, Rocky Colavito, “Storming Norman” Norm Cash, Frank Lary, and Jim Bunning.

The Tigers won 101 games that year, but the AL Pennant Winners, New York Yankees, won 109 games!   On August 31, 1961, the Tigers were only 1-1/2 games out of first place, but they proceeded to lose 8 straight games, including 3 to the first place Yankees at the beginning of September.  And, that was the season, and the hopes of a young boy (me) were dashed.  But, as my Dad would say, wait until next year.

Every Spring, at the start of a new season, when every team has a 0-0 record, baseball fans everywhere have the eternal hope that this will be the year for their team to end up the world champions.

For me, I would have to wait 7 more years for the Tigers to become champions in my lifetime.


selective focus grayscale photography of baseball
Photo by Rachel Xiao on Pexels.com